Thursday, February 16, 2017

Maternity Ward

Here we are a year later, and still I haven't written anything.  I am reminded that this is a window into our lives, if I keep that window closed, how can people know how to pray for us?  So I'm trying to write again.  
We have two Hands On Students with us this semester helping out with the youth of Kaputa.  They are doing different things from teaching Bible Studies, to tutoring in English, to helping out at the Maternity Ward at the clinic.  We are so thankful for their willingness to come and live along side us and minister to these young boys and girls.  
Kaputa is such a great place to live, but sometimes the rural-ness can be viewed as a negative thing.  The thing about small towns is there is a real sense of community.  I can honestly say that all my life I have never fully understood the concept of community.  Kaputa, however, is a true community.  We have had the amazing opportunity of helping to finish the Maternity Ward at the clinic here in town.  Years ago, there was a contract given to build a new Maternity Ward in Kaputa.  The project passed through many contractors, before it fell into disrepair, uncompleted and basically a shell of a building.  When I was visiting two friends delivering babies in the same week, I came home in tears to James each time, seeing the bad shape in which the Maternity Ward was.  After some wonderful, generous people gave us the funding to finish the new building, we started the work.  It took almost a full year of work.  We started with building a wall fence around the entire property, this enabled the hospital to control the traffic in and out of the grounds.  The staff was so excited to see the progress made to the place.  After completion of the wall fence, we were able to focus on the Maternity Ward. the roof had been replaced, but the ceiling still leaked, so we had to replace ceiling boards, paint the new boards, paint the rooms, fix windows, fill in cracks in the walls, replace all the doors, even knock a hole in a wall in order to connect the building to the operating building, in case someone needed to be rushed to the theatre to have a c-section. Among so many other things, we were overwhelmed by the way the community came to help with the rehabilitation.  This project was so long, and at times I thought it would never end, but God is faithful.  I am happy to report that they have had six deliveries so far since we officially opened the clinic a week ago.  
Our work is far from over, while we have met a physical need by finishing this Ward, there is still a spiritual need,  we want to go regularly, to the Ward and pray for the women, pray for the new babies. We want the women to know the true love that can only be found in our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We, the women's group from church, will be there regularly to pray for and share the Gospel with the women who have just given birth.  We know that the spiritual needs being met are just as important, if not more, than the physical needs.  We praise the Father for helping us make this dream a reality, and for making this gift a part of our ministry here in Kaputa.  
Pray for the women in Kaputa, that will give birth here, pray for their babies, that they would grow in the knowledge and love of our Lord Jesus.

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