Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Long Overdue Update

It has been wayyyyy too long since this blog has been updated.  We  have been busy just doing life and ministry.  The kids are great. We are trying to finish school before we have our wonderful summer visitors, Mamaw and Papaw!  The Youth at the church are doing wonderful, we've been having monthly Bible Quizzes at the church on Sunday afternoons,  those are so much fun.  They love studying the Word in order to win the quiz! We had another round of Bible School last week. That is so much fun, but soooo tiring!  The kids had a great time helping me and the ladies cook!  It's always fun spending time in the kitchen with these ladies, they always teach me so much when we're spending lots of time together!

Last month, we went to Lake Malawi for our Cluster Meeting.  We look forward to this time SOOOO much! We have so much fun, and now that our kids are a little older, we really enjoyed it! This was the first meeting in 7 years that we didn't have a crying baby!

These kids are champion travelers.

James and I had a date night in Lusaka!!! Thank you to our sweet Hannah Rodgers for babysitting for us!!

That's right. Pizza Hut is in Lusaka.  So was the Easter Bunny.  Woah.

Funny story about after Lake Malawi.  We decided that we needed to visit some friends after the meeting.  They live on the way back to Lusaka from Malawi.  So we get to our stopping point half way, and we get a call saying their vehicle gear-box went out.  Now it is not fun getting stuck somewhere on the road.  I am sooo thankful we were together!  So we all piled in our vehicle to drive about 500kms, to meet the tow-truck carrying their temporary vechicle.  It was not the most comfortable way to travel, but the company couldn't have been better!  It really made the trip fun, being crammed in a car together with another family can eith make or break a relationship.  I'm happy to report that we are all still friends! Haha.

 Me and Lesley got the best seats in the house.  We literally couldn't get to the kids, so it was up to the daddy's to take care of them!  They survived!  It was fun, and so beautiful at their house.  I love getting to visit others in their place of ministry, it's so great to see where they live and to know how to pray for them!! Zambia is an amazing country with the most beautiful places!

I can go anywhere as long as I have these with me!
This was taken at the mighty Luangwa River!


Alana said...

Glad to hear you guys are doing well and great to see pictures of your family. Praying for your ministry.

Morgan said...

Thanks for the update!! Love the pics!

song wang said...

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