Friday, January 30, 2015

Rain Rain Rain!!

We are in the middle of a great rainy season. Everything looks glorious! It's such a beautiful time of year! We are enjoying cloudy days, rains, and cool breezes!

We had a good Christmas here, we had such a fun Youth Christmas Party.  Then we went to the Kimbrough's house for New Years! Its just so much fun to celebrate with others! We had a great time with them. Taking little adventures is so much fun!  We went on a new road and even got on a tiny ferry. The kids loved it.

So this month, we've just been living life, doing school with the kids, and doing our regular ministry.
The village in Chansa, had a borehole dug while we were in the USA and they needed it so much!  However in the last few weeks it broke!!! We were so discouraged!!! So James and some men from the water company went out there last week and fixed it!!!! I am so thankful for James and these guys.  I just can't imagine having to walk almost a mile just to get water for drinking and cooking.  I don't know how they do it!!!

Funny story.  So there's this new place James and some of the guys have been going to, to start a Bible study/potential church. It's called Kawama.  It's down near the lake and has terrible roads to get there, surprise surprise.  So anyway this past week, there was a man who came and said he had something in his ear.  James said he could look inside it but the tool was at our house, the man then said he'd be at our house in the morning.   So he comes, James looks in his ear, and then proceeds to put peroxide in it.  He then flushes it out.  
The funny thing is that this very same thing happened to James right when we moved to Zambia.  He was hunting with Daniel Scott, in Luangwa, and a moth flew in his ear.  It was torture for him those few days with that thing in his ear. He immediately went to the doctor when he got back to Lusaka and got the thing flushed out.
Ok back to this man from Kawama.  After James flushed it out, it was a cockroach by the way, the man said he'd had this in his ear for a YEAR!!!!!! Can you imagine!?!?!?!  I can't even think about it. The man kept saying over and over, I'm healed now, James, I'm healed!
We totally think that the Lord let that happen to James all those years ago, for this guy.  For James to know what to do, and to help!!! James loves to say that he's not a doctor but plays one in real life.  It is so true!!!

I love these youth kids.  The girls and I did a "baking class" during the month of December because they were on holiday from school.  We baked banana bread, cup cakes, cookies, and other goodies.  These girls are so smart and they were quick learners!  We had a  lot of fun together!

Our picnic on the way home from seeing the Kimbroughs. I love my family. No matter where we are or what we're doing, we have FUN!!!!

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