Sunday, December 08, 2013

We Wish You A Very Merry Lottie Moon Christmas

As we celebrate this wonderful season, the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus, I have been thinking about our Lottie Moon Christmas offering!
We had the privilege to speak at the First Baptist Church of Jackson, MS missions conference.  I am borrowing this wonderful prayer guide to read and pray over during this season. This was written by Dr. Rebecca Naylor, who spent many years in Bangalore, India.

L ost People- there are so many around the World!
O pen Doors- freedom to speak about Jesus!
T elling the story- through speaking, films, tracts, music, radio, etc!
T raining Leaders- national leaders are so important in leading the nations for Christ!
I ncreased laborers and support- the harvest is plentiful but more workers are needed!
E ndvisions- to have goals that are possible through Christ!

M ultiplying believers and churches- churches starting churches that will start churches!
O ngoing follow up- many new believers need to be invested in!
O pposition- that believers would stand strong!
N ew Believers- pray for courage and understanding of the Scripture!

This time of year is so special to Southern Baptists and we pray that the Lottie Moon offering would exceed expectations so that we could continue to reach the nations for Jesus! Pray with us that this would be a time of thanksgiving and that we would be obedient to what The Lord is calling us to do! Thank you for giving to the. Lottie Moon Christmas offering!

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