Friday, February 08, 2013

Long Time, No Write

We have been offline so to speak, but not for the normal reasons.  The real reason is that we've been traveling and been in the BIG CITY of Johannesburg!!!!  We began our trip on Jan 10th and didn't stop driving until Jan 14th!!! That is FIVE days on the road!!!! Who in their right minds would drive for FIVE days with three preschool/toddlers in the car????? We will!!!!
As long as it was, in Lusaka and shortly after, we met up with the Vines and Langstons.  It was fun stopping and letting all the kids play in the hotel, yes we stayed in hotels on the way down!!!!!  We ate lots of good food, saw movies, bought movies (every Barbie movie for sale in South Africa), and shopped till we dropped!!!  I love to shop, just going to the mall everyday was like a shot of adrenaline for me, I'm getting ready for black Friday this year!!!!
James did leave us for a week to attend a Church Planning Training, which was the actual reason for our trip.  We survived with the other mom's and kids, eating out on the playground at the guesthouse in Joburg, shopping together, and playing all the time! You should have seen us unload at the mall. Three moms, eight kids.  It was hysterical.  We definitely could have been on a reality show.
After two weeks, we packed up and drove back, spent a few days in Lusaka getting supplies and then on home.  We are happy to be home, in our own beds, and back to the routine.  However stressful, vacation is awesome!!

Charlie got a car!

Lulie loves the arcade, notice the bear that Daddy won her!


Never get tired of seeing elephants on the road in Botswana.

back in Zambia at the Zambezi Sun, Livingston. Best pool in the world!

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McCullough Family said...

How fun that y'all got a vacation! I am laughing at the 3 moms and 8 kids going shopping :) And the 5 days in the car with 3 small children! Bless you, my friend! I also love that all 3 of your children have red hair! We finally got our red head with Cora. The funny thing is that people actually ask ME where she got her red hair from! I always say, ummm...ME! :) I am glad you guys keep posting on your blog! Prayers to you all!