Monday, January 07, 2013

New Year!

We have been so busy after Christmas and New Years, that I meant to update the blog many many times but it just kept getting pushed to the back of my mind!  We had so much fun with Happy and Mamie, we were so sad to see them go! With the new year brings so many good, exciting things! We are going to Johannesburg next week, then later in the year we are coming to the USA!!!!!!

 This is our beautiful moon flower plant? We got it from Mbala, and it is so beautiful now with all these blooms! Charlie wanted to pull them all off!
We have already started back with school, Hutch is reading so well, and Lulie is such a little artist.  She already writes as well as Hutch!

We had our first worship service in Chintiteba this week.  It went really well, except there were two funerals so attendance was way low!  Still, we are praising the Lord and the work that He is leading us to do!  I didn't take pictures but pray for the people of Chintiteba that they would begin to grow and that more and more would come to know the wonderful gift of salvation in Jesus Christ!

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