Friday, January 30, 2015

Rain Rain Rain!!

We are in the middle of a great rainy season. Everything looks glorious! It's such a beautiful time of year! We are enjoying cloudy days, rains, and cool breezes!

We had a good Christmas here, we had such a fun Youth Christmas Party.  Then we went to the Kimbrough's house for New Years! Its just so much fun to celebrate with others! We had a great time with them. Taking little adventures is so much fun!  We went on a new road and even got on a tiny ferry. The kids loved it.

So this month, we've just been living life, doing school with the kids, and doing our regular ministry.
The village in Chansa, had a borehole dug while we were in the USA and they needed it so much!  However in the last few weeks it broke!!! We were so discouraged!!! So James and some men from the water company went out there last week and fixed it!!!! I am so thankful for James and these guys.  I just can't imagine having to walk almost a mile just to get water for drinking and cooking.  I don't know how they do it!!!

Funny story.  So there's this new place James and some of the guys have been going to, to start a Bible study/potential church. It's called Kawama.  It's down near the lake and has terrible roads to get there, surprise surprise.  So anyway this past week, there was a man who came and said he had something in his ear.  James said he could look inside it but the tool was at our house, the man then said he'd be at our house in the morning.   So he comes, James looks in his ear, and then proceeds to put peroxide in it.  He then flushes it out.  
The funny thing is that this very same thing happened to James right when we moved to Zambia.  He was hunting with Daniel Scott, in Luangwa, and a moth flew in his ear.  It was torture for him those few days with that thing in his ear. He immediately went to the doctor when he got back to Lusaka and got the thing flushed out.
Ok back to this man from Kawama.  After James flushed it out, it was a cockroach by the way, the man said he'd had this in his ear for a YEAR!!!!!! Can you imagine!?!?!?!  I can't even think about it. The man kept saying over and over, I'm healed now, James, I'm healed!
We totally think that the Lord let that happen to James all those years ago, for this guy.  For James to know what to do, and to help!!! James loves to say that he's not a doctor but plays one in real life.  It is so true!!!

I love these youth kids.  The girls and I did a "baking class" during the month of December because they were on holiday from school.  We baked banana bread, cup cakes, cookies, and other goodies.  These girls are so smart and they were quick learners!  We had a  lot of fun together!

Our picnic on the way home from seeing the Kimbroughs. I love my family. No matter where we are or what we're doing, we have FUN!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering!

We decided to make a short video this year to help everyone see what exactly we're doing here in Kaputa!


We are so thankful for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and it's because of this that we get to live here!  Remember us during this time of year and all the incredible things we're seeing God do in the hearts of the people of Northern Zambia! There is no greater cause that you can give towards this holiday season than making disciples of Jesus Christ. Please give to the L.M.C.O through your local S.B.C. Church or give online at    THANK YOU!!

Monday, December 01, 2014


We have so much to be thankful for this year.  We had a great time with Happy and Grumpy! We love having visitors, our door is ALWAYS open!!! We had a great marriage conference! We had a great Thanksgiving! Lulie celebrated being on the mission field for FIVE years!!!! I love getting to spend the very very American holiday with other Americans!!!! We had a great prayer retreat!  It's been a busy two months, and we're ready to slow down and enjoy our tropical Christmas time!!!!!

We want to thank all you out there who give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering!!!! It is because of THIS offering that we can be here in Kaputa, Zambia!!! Wow are we thankful to get to do this!!!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
Lulie getting her five year certificate!

Tyler, Isaac, and Lulie enjoying the new swing on the playground

the lions at Protea are so fun and scary to watch!

mid-trip break, jumping jacks. 

We love Mugg & Bean hot chocolate.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Since I am still terrible at updating this blog, I am going to share a few different things.  We are doing great, we love being home.  We love seeing what God is doing among our friends! Just last week, we had ten youth come forward to dedicate their lives to Christ and we are going to baptize them in the new baptismal, that is being built this week (pics to come when its finished)!  It is so exciting to see the Lord speak to the hearts of these kids and to see the joy on their faces!!!! It is evident in their lives!  We pray that God will use the young boys and girls, as they grow up, to change this world and share the good news of Jesus!!!!

So funny story, happened on James' birthday.  Let me start by saying that I made him a carrot cake, that he enjoyed many nights.  However, that day he decided to ride his bike to Bible study.  He left and then me and the children left to go visiting with ladies.  So when we get back home at 5:30, we found out that he had a flat tire about half way up to the Bible study, so he walked into Chinteteba, then on the way home, the sweet guys there would not let him walk back to Kaputa, they wanted to bring him and their bicycles. So one guy Mwansa, carried James' bike on the back of his bike. Then Sylvester, carried James on the back of his bike.  I wish so bad I had a picture of that.  Unfortunately there is no documentation of this. Only imagination.  I am so thankful for those two guys, who wanted to see James safely home.

We still have hopes to one day have dairy cows.  Since milk is expensive, and heavy to haul up here, we would love to have them one day.  Its a huge project that we are trying to be as prepared for as possible, so its been slow moving. James goes to the place he's prepared and works to clear the land and make a place to keep the cows, and he's looking at trying to dig a well there too!  It might still be a while, but we are hopeful.

The kids are doing so good in school, even though they don't love the sitting still to write, we try to have fun with it.  It's always a challenge, because Charlie likes to help her brother and sister with school, so one day she asked to go with James to Bible study and I was thrilled!  Well actually she asked to go to the market with him, but he was going to the market on the way to Bible study.  So James took her.  She loved it!  She was such a good girl, and she enjoyed her special time with Daddy.

This month has been good, we are ready to have some rain!!! We are already well into wetting our hair at 2pm everyday!!!! Instant air conditioner!!!!

Here is a picture of the choir, and most of the people who came forward to join Christ!

Also we just finished a scripture memory set and everyone who was able to say all ten verses got one of these awesome tshirts!

James is still working on preparing for us to have dairy cows one day, but it is a very big project.  These boys were helping clear the field to put up a catch pin.  They also caught themselves some snacks.

Charlie said the other day she wanted to go with James to this new preaching point. She did so good! Of course everyone loved her! She's such a sweetie!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

An Unexpected Journey

So, we have an alternative route that leads to Lusaka.  We don't go that way because it requires a border crossing.  If you look at Zambia, there is a small strip of land that belongs to the DRC and it makes traveling from Kaputa to Lusaka much shorter. 300kms shorter.  Sadly though border crossings are not a speedy process.  If only they were state lines and we could wave at the signs, like we do in America, as we drive by.  We decided to try this route because we've lived here almost 8 years.  A little adventure was due! I mean life was getting so normal! All of our friends use that route when going to the Copperbelt and all gave us such hope because they have been working to make that small 80kms into a paved road! Almost to completion!
We loaded up at the same time we usually do, because we were planning to get to Ndola, which is a fairly large town in the Copperbelt, and do some exploring.  We have never been to the Copperbelt, and have always wanted to, this was the perfect opportunity.
Back to the story, we loaded up and left before daylight (I still can't get used to seeing lights in the early morning hours in Kaputa) and started the trek.  We made poor time the first 160kms, it was 4 1/2 hours. I knew we would make it up in the afternoon cutting through Congo.  We made it to Mansa at 12 noon and stopped for a breather.  The man at the gas station made it sound like cutting through was an absolute breeze.  As we gassed up and headed down a new (to us) road, we were nervous but excited about this shorter route!
We made it to the border an hour later! Wow! This was going to be great!  We get to the immigration office of the Zambia side and saw all smiles and pleasantries upon hearing our Bemba.  We thought, this is going to be awesome! When we asked the immigration officer about the Congo side, he said "Balishupa."  Meaning, they are difficult.  Especially to "mzungus." Foreigners.
We had already made it this far so we had to keep going, we drove through the gates and over the beautiful Luapula River, into DRC.  James pulled up to the offices and told us to stay in the car while he went to get all the paper work done.
Sidebar: you know those cartoons, like Scooby Doo, where someone is chasing Scooby and Shaggy and there is a wall with three doors and they go into one door, then out another, and you watch as the doors, open and close as they go in and out.  I was watching this, but it was real life and it was James.  He had to do so many things, and it was hilarious to watch him in and out, into another room, out to the next, and so on.
Ok so after 1 hour of that, we were on our way.  I wouldn't describe the experience as a "breeze."  Unfortunately only about 40% of the road is complete, the road that IS complete is so nice, with thick tar and smooth surfaces, it was like driving on a dream!  I can't wait to see it finished!
We were very happy to see the Zambian border again.  It was smooth sailing from then on, until we got to a small back road into Ndola that had been chewed up and spit out by some very large trucks over the years, and unfortunately it isn't at the top of any list to be replaced.
Once we reached Ndola, we found a Spur! Spur is this wonderful chain of South African restaurants that has a Native American theme and incredible playgrounds for kids. Incredible.  We pulled straight in looking very worn down, and the kids had such a great time, the entire day was erased from their memory.
We will stay in Zambia, our home, our country, next time and the next and the next.  The adventure has been had, and I'm ready for normal again.

This was our hotel, it had peacocks! How fun!?!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014


We made a video of the kids, for the VBS at First Baptist Jackson, and in true fashion it wouldn't email.  So now the only way to get it to the other side of the ocean is here!  Since I haven't written anything in some time, maybe this is a good thing.   We have settled back into life here and everyone is doing good.  It has been a wild ride, and a good calm setting is just what we needed.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter

It has been so very long since we have updated this site. We have been living it up in the USA and have failed to keep prayer requests posted. We had a great Easter celebration with our family in Marietta GA this past week. Our kids are having a great time with their Happy and Grumpy. James had some sinus surgery this past week and is still in the healing process. He had to correct some things that where causing headaches before we went back. Please pray for a speedy recovery for him.
We also would appreciate your prayers as we head back to Kaputa on the 11th of May. Our time in the US is coming to a close and we are preparing to leave. Please pray for us and our goodbyes we will be saying over the next few weeks. Keep checking in on what God is doing in Kaputa, Zambia