Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Since we have been in America for almost 3 months now, we decided to make the journey to Disney World!  I was totally apprehensive but since I had decided to run the Disney marathon, I thought, why not just throw a full blown four day tour of the place into the mix!  Woah! To say that we are exhausted is a huge understatement.  On the plus side, we had an AMAZING Disney coach, because this place is a beast and if you go in blind you will wind up sitting in front of Cinderella's castle crying like a toddler.  So we had a great week, it was jam packed, both sets of Grandparents, and LOTS of characters to be met!  
Disney is a magical place and the children did NOT want to come back, but we were ready to get back to normal, whatever that looks like!

Sunday, December 08, 2013

We Wish You A Very Merry Lottie Moon Christmas

As we celebrate this wonderful season, the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus, I have been thinking about our Lottie Moon Christmas offering!
We had the privilege to speak at the First Baptist Church of Jackson, MS missions conference.  I am borrowing this wonderful prayer guide to read and pray over during this season. This was written by Dr. Rebecca Naylor, who spent many years in Bangalore, India.

L ost People- there are so many around the World!
O pen Doors- freedom to speak about Jesus!
T elling the story- through speaking, films, tracts, music, radio, etc!
T raining Leaders- national leaders are so important in leading the nations for Christ!
I ncreased laborers and support- the harvest is plentiful but more workers are needed!
E ndvisions- to have goals that are possible through Christ!

M ultiplying believers and churches- churches starting churches that will start churches!
O ngoing follow up- many new believers need to be invested in!
O pposition- that believers would stand strong!
N ew Believers- pray for courage and understanding of the Scripture!

This time of year is so special to Southern Baptists and we pray that the Lottie Moon offering would exceed expectations so that we could continue to reach the nations for Jesus! Pray with us that this would be a time of thanksgiving and that we would be obedient to what The Lord is calling us to do! Thank you for giving to the. Lottie Moon Christmas offering!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Good Ol' U.S. of A.

We are in the USA!!!! We landed last about two weeks ago and have been going strong ever since. Hutch, Lulie and Charlie have been catching up with their Happy, Grumpy, Mamaw and Papaw and aunts and uncles. We will be in the US until May so we hope to see many of you while we are here.
Way to go Mary Margaret!!! Finished Marine Corp Marathon in 3:54hrs.!!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Church Building

Praise God we were able to get a roof on the new building in Kaputa. There is still a lot of work to do, but the church is now able to meet in the new building. This job started over 3 years ago when we first went to the river to make bricks. When you teach churches to be self-supported it takes patients. However, the end result is something that brings unity in the body of believers.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Momma says these are my Magic Shoes

  Well, as some may know Mary Margaret is in training for a marathon to be run when we come the the US. When she started this training I decided to order her some shoes back in May hopefully to arrive in Zambia on her birthday (June 22). Unfortunately the shoes failed to make it here in time. Months went by with no sign of the shoes until almost all hope was abandoned. On August 22 we received a call from a missionary in Lusaka that the shoes had made it! Better yet there was a small plane headed our way and they put the shoes on board. Finally Mary Margaret had her shoes and was ready to run. She made a few shorter runs around Kaputa, and then this past Friday the 13th, she ran 30kms to Chansa Village where I was teaching. When she arrived she removed her shoes and placed them in the vehicle in exchange for some flip-flops. When we reached our home she was very tired and went inside the house  to rest.
 On Saturday I got up and went to another village called Kabwe to build a fence for some cattle. We worked all morning and then returned to Kaputa. Sunday we went to church and rested. By monday, Mary Margaret was ready to run again and began looking for her shoes. Tragedy struck when we realized that the shoes were missing! After searching everywhere and realizing that no one had removed them from the vehicle we came to a conclusion. They were stolen! The most logical explanation was that someone had relieved them from my vehicle while I was working in Kabwe. I immediately jumped in my Toyota and went to alert the church in Kabwe of the missing shoes. After a thorough explanation of the happenings with my friends in Kabwe they assured me that they would get to the bottom of it.
 Later on that evening while sitting around watching TV with Mary Margaret around 8:30p.m. I received a phone call from the village that they had a suspect and that they wanted to take him to jail. They asked me to come to the village and help transport the boy to the police station. I don't usually go to the village at this time of day, but I made an exception for MM. When I arrived a mob of about 100 villagers approached the vehicle with the suspect in hand. The boy was about 14yrs old and very scared. My friends showed me a memory card that he had also taken from my vehicle and I didn't even know it was missing. They said he had confessed to taking the shoes and had given them to his older brother who took them to the border for a game of football. After trying to put as much fear in the boy as a could, I find that intimidation can be much harder when speaking a foreign language, I told the boy if he returned to shoes tomorrow I would forget everything. The boy complied and I returned home.
 The following day the shoes where returned safe and sound. MM was so happy to have her shoes and we were all very impressed with determination of these shoes. So, we expect good things when it comes time to run the marathon. These shoes and MM seem to be unstoppable!
To be continued Oct.26th Marine Corp Marathon..................

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bible School and Graduation

We recently had another Bible School session in Kaputa and 10 men came to attend. We also received a group of men from the Baptist Seminary in Lusaka to assist with teaching. At the end of the week we had our first graduation where 2 men completed 3 years of study at the Bible School. It was a great time of celebration. Congratulations to Lazarus Kwimbwa and Davies Chileshe!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Baptism In Kabwe

We are so thankful to our Lord for new believers in Kabwe Village. Four people came to trust in Christ and follow in baptism. God is doing great things among this small group of believers. Please continue to pray for great things in Kabwe Village.
It is great to see disciples making other disciples!